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Anthony parasole 

Above all, being Straight out of the Big Apple, a name that has always been held in high esteem within the underground and techno scenes respectively. Therefore, Anthony Parasole has demanded the respect of people everywhere with his unique sound and musical technique. From his hometown to world-renowned clubs like Berghain. After that, Anthony Parasole is known only for the deepest and darkest Techno around. In conclusion, Where ever he goes, the party undoubtedly follows.

Spirit Train 

When Two worlds collide, both the physical and metaphysical, to embark on a journey of the mind. THE SPIRIT TRAINS soulful and rhymic beats can be heard inter-dimensionally. Bringing together the unity, love, and respect of all who enter its mystic doors. 

For those who enjoy the road less traveled. From the arcane plains of Tankwa Town to the notorious Newtown streets. Comes the Spirit Train. Through music and mystique, The Spirit Train will take you on a voyage of self-discovery. 

From beneath the earth, along the desert plains of Tankwa Town, The Spirit Train was born. What once was heard only in the whispering winds of years gone by has finally come to fruition. A life-changing journey that will never be forgotten. Through the culmination of years of work, The Spirit train will bring a sensory overload to any and all travelers.